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PHP Episode 16: “The Bachelor Party”


I can comfortably say that this is the most important event in my life to date. So, as I gather together a few folks for a “bachelor party”, what better way to celebrate than to inebriate?

We spent the dinner portion of the evening at a glorious Brazilian Churrascaria (think Bridesmaids without all the pooing), so in the evening we retired to the ‘ol podcast studio for some silliness.

Enjoy the new musical aspects of this episode as we are spontaneously serenaded by The Biggest Party Ever on the guitar and Eric and/or the Electric Mp3 Player on the Q-Chord.

Sean G. DonaldsonEric S. DonaldsonAddi TwiggJoseph GustafsonDave Ranallo


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Tuesday, July 10th, 2012 Episodes 10 Comments

PHP Sodelet 15: The Biggest Mistake Ever.

It’s just like a Power Half-Hour Podcast, except instead of shots of beer, we eat Ding Dongs.

(the guys from Hustlebot will probably agree: this photo makes me want to sick)

I’ve also added a 3-minute intro, to help you get in the mood for a process that no one has really even fully agreed to do.

For my teetotalers, I’ve debated in the past whether or not food can be a legitimate replacement for beer, but I always came to the conclusion that eating food every minute (even if it’s just an M&M or the like) will slow down talk time and be quite intrusive for conversation. As you’ll hear for the 11/12 minutes that we actually survive, I was way right.

But hey – nobody got sick (not this time, anyway)!

Sean G. DonaldsonJohn Feightner


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Monday, July 9th, 2012 Sodelets 1 Comment

PHP Episode 15: Hustlebot Powertime!

First time ever, I try to do this nonsense with four, count ‘em, Four (4), guests!

Allow me to present local improv comedy troupee, Hustlebot!

Listen closely as the guys plug all of their websites, some of which are listed here!

Hustlebot the YouTube
Hustlebot the FunnyOrDie
Hustlebot the Twitter
Hustlebot the Facebook

Most of all, look at their pretty face! And tell me in the comments all of the things I’ve forgotten to write here, because I’m simply too drunk to think.

Sean G. DonaldsonJohn Feightner





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Thursday, March 15th, 2012 Episodes 1 Comment

PHP Episode 14: Josh & Norm

Hey folksy people!

It’s that time again! “What time is it?” you might ask… It’s time to attempt conversation while drinking a whole bunch of beer!

This time around, I open the humble doors of my beertable to some dear return guests. Not only are they friends of mine for totally different reasons, they both happen to be childhood schoolmates and natives of the floodregions of Johnstown, Pennsylvania. We talk about what it’s like to have friends as a child, and we make up oodles of history about Johnstown.

“Check it out!”
-Dr. Steve Brule (about something else, likely)

Sean G. DonaldsonJosh Mulkey


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Thursday, March 15th, 2012 Episodes No Comments

PHP Episode 13: Ali & Robin


I insist that you give this episode a listen right away, as it is a really good one. Aren’t they all really good ones? Well yes, they are. Am I drunk when I say that? No, but I was when I decided that they were all really good. They must be!

Featuring new friend and compatriot of the show, Ali Spagnola! You’ve heard of her on this site before, when I asked you to support her (our) worthy cause for the rights to call what we do a “power hour”. She has recently released her new version of “The Power Hour Album” and I insist that you buy a copy today! It’s all fantastic, as you’ll hear from my sampling on this here podcast episode. Also, nobody buys Compact Discs any more, so I suggest you do what I did and buy it on a USB Shot Glass!

And latter but obviously not leaster, dear friend of the show Robin Hitchcock (of HitchDied and Double R Diner and PHP101 fame) has returned to give us her perspective on all of the fun. She is also a perfect new audience for all things funny and musical (so ‘well done me’!)…

It’s a fun thing! Go listen to it! Then buy the album!

Sean G. Donaldson


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Monday, February 6th, 2012 Episodes No Comments

PHP Episode 12: Brian & Jojo

…and we’re havin’ some beers! Some new friends from the County of Beaver venture into town for a rollicking adventure. If you listen closely, perhaps you’ll hear us breaking things!

This episode’s theme is Sci-Fi/Fantasy, but our quiztress never fails to find the hardest questions of the genre. Enjoy!

Sean G. Donaldson


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Wednesday, January 11th, 2012 Episodes 1 Comment

PHP Episode 11: “Dude, Where’s My Car?” The Drinking Game

Just when you thought you weren’t ready to drink along while four people watch a silly movie. You totally are!

There’s so much drinking going on during this movie, there’s bound to be something worthwhile that was said…



Sean G. DonaldsonRobin HitchcockJohn FeightnerDave Ranallo


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Wednesday, December 14th, 2011 Episodes No Comments

PHP Sodelet 10: Bananas for Breakfast: a dramatic reading


I’ve done it again. I’ve recreated the big bang in a large hadron collider. Oh bugger – wait. No. That wasn’t me. I actually recreated a big band in a large healthcare provider. I didn’t realize how different these things were. I’m sorry for my confusion, and any empathic confusion I might have spilled onto you.

So. As you’ll hear in my glorious intro, this Sodelet is a bit of an unusual biddy.

For this week’s installment, I decided to something fun and off-the-beaten-path. Instead of continuing to drink, I thought we could all just share some our post-power-hour state in performance. I have asked Matt, Roxanne & Fred, the crew of Bananas For Breakfast to perform the entirety of their webcomic.

Please follow along! Go to the site at www.bananasforbreakfast.com and follow along!

Let’s go now, and join everybody as they start from the very beginning.


Sean G. Donaldson


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Friday, July 1st, 2011 Sodelets No Comments

PHP Episode 10: Bananas for Breakfast

Oh hi! It’s that time again!

This week on the glorious event, we do a bit of an experiment with cross-promotion! Today’s guests are the cast and crew of the new webcomic, “Bananas for Breakfast“. We’ll do a bit of talking about it (but even MORE in the Sodelet), so feel free to go check them out before/while you listen…

Roxanne Cain, Matt McArdle & Fred Pelzer bring with them quite a magical and/or fun time. And if that weren’t enough, we’re also likely to drink some shots! Check it out already!

Live-Action Duck Tales Snuff Film:

Bananas for Breakfast!

King Lear! This weekend!

My nonsense:
Power Hour Podcast or on iTunes!
Power Hour Podcast on Twitter! Tweet me your Top Of The Heads! #tops
Bait & Switch!
The Marriage of Figaro!

Sean G. Donaldson


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Friday, June 24th, 2011 Episodes No Comments

PHP Sodelet 9: Liz, Norman & Kaitlin

Huckleberry Hound???

Following the fantastic episode from last week, I now present the special sodelet that was to follow. Redundant much? Yes. Do I like sentences that say the same thing twice between the capital letter and the ending punctuation? Yes, I do.

Liz & Norman continued where we left off (after a bit [more] of a break [than any amount of smoking should really require]) and we were joined by the fabulous Ms. Kaitlin, star of Episode & Sodelet 6.

Love it orĀ leave it, You better gain way. You better hit bull’s eye, The kid don’t play!

Catch y’all on the flipside!

Sean G. DonaldsonLiz LabaczKaitlin Moore


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Friday, June 17th, 2011 Sodelets No Comments