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Save Our Name! “Power Hour” is under attack!

Dearest lovers and fighters (but most importantly fans):

Everything that we hold dear is under attack, and I want to encourage you to help.

As you know, The Power Hour Podcast is a relatively new entity, but your support will help to ensure continued excellence for ages to come.

Facebook and mutual friends have brought local musician Ali Spagnola to my attention. She has written 60 original songs, each 1 minute long. If you actually know what you’re reading, you can probably guess what such a collection of songs might be used for. (Yes, for drinking to.) She has recordings available in addition to playing them live (yes thank you, I do recognize how awesome this sounds).

She produced a CD and a DVD of this work, but then ran into a snag. A guy comes along, I’ll redactedly call him [opportunist] [competitor], and claims that he holds the rights to the use of the phrase “Power Hour”. As you know, having found this podcast, and likely having listened to it, that “Power Hour” is also a phrase that I use. Because that’s what it is that we do. It’s a power hour.

Please check out Ali’s website, and give her any written support, brewed submissions, or most especially, financial support that you can offer to the cause.

Ali Spagnola’s Power Hour Drinking Game

Once you’ve properly donated to the world’s most worthy cause, check out the rest of her site of polymath hotness:

Also, for some great further info (from another great supporter of Ali’s work), check out Power Hour HQ: Save The Power Hour where you can read the [opportunist] [enemy]‘s side of the argument, where he readily showcases his great grammar and shift-key aplomb. Also, some cracking good responses with all the legal quantum theory you could possibly desire!


Seriously, people. This is a fight that needs us.

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